Common Questions

Have you helped anyone with the issue I’m experiencing?

While allopathic or western medicine is more likely to look at your symptoms and give you a diagnosis of disease and a medication that addresses those symptoms, Naturopathy looks at the whole person as an individual to see what the root cause is of your symptoms and what is the best way to support the body. For instance, three people with Thyroid issues may each have a different course of rebalancing the body because they have very different reasons for their Thyroid imbalance! I see you as an individual with very specific circumstances that have led you to where you are, and feel the most efficient way to help you rebalance your body is through very specific suggestions that will address each of these – body, mind and spirit. I have helped people with many different digestive disturbances, acne and skin issues, yeast and fungal issues, heavy metal poisoning, toxic overload, infertility, anxiety and depression, lowered immunity, ADD and all sorts of Autism spectrum disorders, chronic pain and low energy, menstrual and hormonal disturbances, and even issues that were unexplained by conventional medicine.

Is healing from the condition I have even possible?

The body is always working to maintain balance and heal itself. The problem is we often aren’t giving it what it needs and haven’t been for years! Remember you did not develop these symptoms in a week or a day. It took months or years for your body’s imbalances to present you with the symptoms you are experiencing. The body is made to regenerate and heal.  But just as the root of your health issue isn’t just one thing;  health isn’t just about one area of life.  With the right food, water, light, air, sleep, and attitude; much can be accomplished.  Yet any one of these areas totally neglected or out of balance will leave someone’s health less than optimal. Health today is about identifying nutritional deficiencies, toxins that have affected certain organs or systems in the body,  and negative memories and emotions that are still stored in the tissues of the body.

How long will it take to heal?

Again, you did not get where you are overnight. A typical rule of thumb is that it takes 3 months plus a month for every year you’ve experienced symptoms to feel your best. However, depending on what you’re dealing with, you will see changes and improvements within a week to a month. Overall, much of this depends on you! You are the one making the choices everyday that will lead to health or dis-ease. You are the one that is responsible for changes that need to be made.

Am I going to have to change my diet?

“You are what you eat” is not just a saying to get kids to eat their vegetables. It is literally true. Nutrients from the foods you eat provide the basic foundation for every cell in your body as it continually rebuilds every day. In addition, our society has, for generations, been eating less nutritionally dense, more processed and chemical laden foods. This has taken its toll and we are seeing a multitude of health issues. True, eating poorly will not kill you today, but it could eventually cause you a lot of pain in the days and years ahead. How well would your car run if you only occasionally put gas in it? Or what if you put mostly a substance that filled your tank but was actually harmful to your engine? As a society, we have forgotten that food is meant to nourish our bodies with what they need. In many ways, we have made food entertainment, security, and fulfillment; but not the nourishment our bodies need. So to answer this question, yes, you may need to change your diet. You may be addicted to foods that are harming your health. But once that addiction is gone and your health has improved this question will not seem so big to you!

What do I need to do before the appointment?

Just bring any supplements and or medications you are taking along with you.

How many appointments will I need?

This depends on each individual and their specific situation. For something very simple, we may meet and then follow up in 4-6 weeks with a yearly follow up after that. For others, we follow up every 4 weeks until we get to a point where we are no longer “peeling back layers” of imbalance and are really doing well to maintain health. This answer also depends on life circumstances because we all know how stress can throw us of track! Most people need 2-3 visits after our initial meeting and then follow up as needed based on their goals and life circumstances. For Arvigo Therapy I usually recommend 3 sessions to get the body acclimated with the work and then follow up as each client needs.


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