Sarah Mokma

Naturopathic Doctor & Founder of Rooted Well

Sarah Mokma, Naturopathic DoctorI’m Sarah Mokma, a Naturopathic Doctor and a guide for individuals and families as they connect ancient practices to modern wellness. My love of Naturopathy and looking at the body as an amazing, complex, and synergistic whole, began when I became a mother in 2000. My daughter had several things her pediatrician told me were “normal” and I disagreed. I started doing lots of research; reading everything I could get my hands on and soon discovered there was a world of ways to support her body outside allopathic medicine.

I learned that much of Naturopathy is wisdom that has spanned generations of peoples from all cultures. It is information that used to be common knowledge, passed on generation after generation as part of taking care of yourself. It is also the science of herbology, homeopathics, essential oils, epigenetics, nutrition, the ever evolving gut biome and so much more. Naturopathy is helping bridge the gap between medical doctors and real people with real problems not solved by allopathic medicine. I believe it is one of the best ways to turn our society’s degenerating health around.

I became extremely passionate about sharing this information and believed everyone had a right to know their environment was pretty toxic and that there was so much they could do to help themselves! I couldn’t believe that it was not more well known and understood. It seemed everywhere I looked, I felt like I was seeing people make uninformed decisions that were leading to all sorts of ailments.  I noticed that even those who had lived thus far without medical issues were living with some level of fear about how their body might “fail” them. I wanted to empower people with the same knowledge that had begun to empower me.

So I began the four-year Naturopathic Doctor program at the Naturopathic Institute. I studied a wide variety of health and healing modalities including herbs, homeopathics, nutrition, essential oils, and body work and energy therapies. Since 2010 I have had the privilege to help many men, women and children.

In my daily practice, I have a special passion for bringing the body back into balance with issues that society says are normal or doesn’t understand.  I see these as unnecessary suffering. For families with children who have what our society calls ADD, ADHD, learning, behavioral and sensory issues.  For teens with acne, menstrual, hormonal or depression issues. For women with glandular, hormonal or reproductive issues. For anyone struggling with digestive, autoimmune, or unexplainable symptoms.  For those struggling with grief, depression, or difficult life circumstances; I love to bring awareness to all aspects of your dis-ease. Mind, body, spirit and environment.

I believe you deserve to live a life where you have plenty of energy, a radiant glow, and easy digestion where you are not dependent on medications or stimulants.  I will offer you the space to be truly seen and heard and help you discover how each part of your life is important to your health and wellbeing. No matter where you are in your journey and what your goals might be; I will meet you there and help you reach those goals for your best life. I will walk beside you to support, educate, inspire and empower you.

It is with this same passion to get what I believe to be life saving information out to lots of people has lead me to take a consulting job for It Works Global as their Essential Oil Advisor. I am honored to not only share the amazing benefits of using essential oils, but also to teach so many people to take charge of their health and eliminate toxins from their daily lives.


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