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No matter what you’ve been told about your health or what you’re experiencing, there is hope for supporting your body in a way that optimizes your health!  Your genes are not your destiny.  Your symptoms are not your future. As a Naturopathic Doctor, I see the human body do amazing things every day when I look at how poorly we as a society take care of it and I see how gracious this same human body is to us when we give it what it needs! Remember, your symptoms are your body sending you messages. It is not betraying you. It is your closest friend that is always honest with you if you will only listen.
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My Specialized Approach to Naturopathy: Bridging the Gap Between Mind and Body

  • Have you tried diet changes and supplements and noticed very little improvement in your health?
  • Do you feel like you must take a drawer of supplements and eat perfectly all the time to feel your best?
  • Do you feel like you’re destined to live out the same health issues that have “run in your family”?
  • Do you feel like you will live the rest of your life “managing” a major health issue?
  • Do you live in fear that disease could blindside you?
And most importantly…
  • Do you have a nagging feeling you haven’t quite yet found what you need to live your best life?
The good news is you are missing something… There is a whole other half of your health equation that most people overlook. For years I have been helping people find their “answer” by incorporating this missing half of the equation. This missing half?  It’s the emotional component of your health. Research is proving more and more every day what the ancient systems of medicine and healing have known for centuries – our thoughts and emotions affect our biology.  You can’t separate the two when looking at health issues. While living a mindful life can help you reconnect the body and mind; you need to go deeper.  You need to find the exact connections between your physical symptoms and your emotions.  You need to discover where the body’s muscle memory is actually storing past events that were painful to you and release them. Even the best natural health programs and mindsets can leave out this emotional component of a symptom or disease.  It’s important to understand that this is where all imbalance starts. Whether it was a traumatic event, tragic loss, or emotions like anger and unforgiveness; these toxic thoughts literally stop up the natural flow in the body’s electromagnetic system.  This causes a cascade of ill health in the body. When we combine attention to your emotional and energetic body as well as your physical body, that is when you begin seeing the results you’ve been searching for. Click here to book an initial consult to talk about my unique, specialized approach to your health. Seeing you – Initial Appointment Together, we look at what your body is saying on the physical level with an initial health consultation.  Initial consultations are 120 minutes.   We will talk over your health history as well as different aspects of your life presently. We will look together at what your body is trying to tell you through analysis of your eyes with iridology and sclerology. By looking to your tongue, nails, pulse, skin, and muscle responses throughout the body; we may see repeating patterns of imbalance. This will help us see what areas of your body need the most support and helps us find suggestions very specific to what your body will respond best to. Working with a broad base of remedies including herbs, homeopathics, essential oils, flower essences, vitamins and minerals; we will explore if there is anything that could support your body.  You will leave with suggestions for your specific circumstances. Hearing you- Week 2 Then we will follow up the following week with a 60 minute appointment to look at the emotional components of your symptoms. A very different approach from psychology; will be looking to bring awareness to the common thread of false beliefs that runs through your life, causing pain and suffering and contributing to your symptoms. Honoring you – Week 3 The third week we will look at your body’s energetic system to see where it needs support.  This part of you is the blueprint for your physical body and holds any memories, traumas, and feelings that you have experienced.  Honoring this part of you and helping you to release anything that is no longer serving you helps to rebalance not only your body’s energy system, but also your physical body.  With this 60 minute appointment, we will address any areas of stagnant energy and or emotion and combining several methods

The Principles of a Naturopathic Approach

It is important to realize that you are seeking your optimal health – not just suppression of your symptoms. You did not develop these symptoms over the course of a few days or a few weeks or one bad meal. In some cases they likely took years to finally express in your body. Also, remember that the natural remedies do not override your body’s natural abilities as drugs do.  Therefore the suggestion for returning to health is a minimum of three months with a month for every year you have dealt with a symptom. This doesn’t mean you won’t see any improvements in your symptoms – you should see some changes within a couple days to weeks depending on what you’re working on. Health is a journey but it is well worth it! Learn more about the naturopathic approach to wellness. Pricing & Payment Doctor as Teacher Program: The word “Doctor” originates from the Latin word Docēre which means “to teach”.  As your Naturopathic Doctor, I will be teaching you how to help your body find balance and healing; sharing the insight of your unique case and offering suggestions.  The investment to get started with this unique approach is $750 and includes all of the above. Mentor Program If you are interested in having a little more guidance getting started such as direction with diet, removing toxins from your environment, or you just have questions; you can get more time with me.  This option includes all of the above plus 2 back and forth email correspondences during the 3 weeks 1 phone call in the first 3 weeks Many clients have found this follow up helpful.  The investment for this level of care is $950 Most HSA accounts are accepted as well as Visa, Master Card, Discover, and American Express

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