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No matter what you’ve been told about your health or what you’re experiencing, there is hope for supporting your body in a way that optimizes your health!  Your genes are not your destiny.  Your symptoms are not your future. As a Naturopathic Doctor, I see the human body do amazing things every day when I look at how poorly we as a society take care of it and I see how gracious this same human body is to us when we give it what it needs! Remember, your symptoms are your body sending you messages. It is not betraying you. It is your closest friend that is always honest with you if you will only listen.
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Naturopathic Care: What to Expect at Your First Visit

What can I help you “undo” today? Whether it is a lifetime of poor nutrition or a stressful set of life circumstances that has affected your health; I am honored to help you find your way to a healthier life. Our bodies continually seek balance, and yet our lives have an interesting way of teaching us through imbalance. Your health or lack of it has so much it can teach you! Are you ready to listen? Initial consultations are 2 hours where you are truly seen and heard. We will talk over your health history as well as different aspects of your life presently. We will look together at what your body is trying to tell you through analysis of your eyes with iridology and sclerology. By looking to your tongue, nails, pulse, skin, and muscle responses throughout the body; we may see repeating patterns of imbalance. This will help us see what areas of your body need the most support and helps us build a personalized program. Your body may need cleansing, or it may need building. You may need to eliminate inflammatory foods. We will work with a broad base of remedies including herbs, homeopathics, essential oils, flower essences, vitamins and minerals, and body work – based on what your body needs. You will leave with suggestions for your specific circumstances as well as any additional knowledge you need about nutrition, toxins in your environment, resources and supplements. I like to follow up with you in 4 weeks to discuss your improvement, answer any questions, and assess where your body is at this point. Most people need to follow up at least 2-3 more times depending on where you are at with your health. You can think of working toward health in layers like peeling an onion.

The Principles of a Naturopathic Approach

It is important to realize that you are seeking your optimal health – not just suppression of your symptoms. You did not develop these symptoms over the course of a few days or a few weeks. In some cases they likely took years to finally express in your body. Also, remember that the natural remedies do not override your body’s natural abilities as drugs do.  Therefore the suggestion for returning to health is a minimum of three months with a month for every year you have dealt with a symptom. This doesn’t mean you won’t see any improvements in your symptoms – you should see some changes within a couple days to weeks depending on what you’re working on. Health is a journey but it is well worth it! Learn more about the naturopathic approach to wellness. Pricing & Payment Payment is due at the time of service. Initial appointments are $400 for a 2 hour appointment where Sarah will evaluate you from head to toe.  You will leave knowing where your body needs more support along with suggestions on how to do this and what you need to get started!   After the appointment, you will be able to access Sarah’s knowledge for 2 weeks if questions come up.  Follow-up appointments are suggested within 4 weeks and are $190 for the 1 hour visit.  This is the time to see what else has come up with the changes you have made and peel a few more layers!  Suggested programs range from $200 to $350 and are comprised of practitioner – grade, customized supplements.  Most HSA accounts are accepted as well as Visa, Master Card, Discover, American Express and Pay Pal.

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