Craniosacral Therapy and Meridian Alignments with Sarah Mokma

Body & Energy Therapies

In today’s environment, we cannot afford to ignore the fact that we are electromagnetic in nature and that what makes up our physiology extends beyond our physical body.  Working with the body’s more subtle energetic system is a great support to health and wholeness as well as the missing piece of the puzzle for many chronic symptoms.

Our bodies are electrical all the way down to our atoms and all the way out to the electromagnetic field that surrounds each of us. In fact, every living thing has an electrical charge and measurable frequency. This means we need to do more for our bodies than eat well and take herbs. We need to take care of our electrical system. It is more important now than ever to not fear this as a “new age” concept. It is a scientific fact and we are learning more about it every day. More importantly, in today’s environment we cannot afford to ignore it. Our bodies are being bombarded with frequencies from cell phones, laptops, wifi, tablets, smart meters and Bluetooth; as well as all of our electrical devices we use each day. Just like an instrument that begins to resonate with another being played in close proximity; our body’s frequencies are being negatively affected by these frequencies.

The human body is much more than just a physical body. It is a system of various levels and dimensions of subtle energy that are interconnected and interdependent. I have been trained to look at the body’s subtle energy fields against the backdrop of several different modalities. I love to use a blend of what seems appropriate on any given day for each individual. Some of my favorite ways to positively affect the body’s energetic system are with tuning forks, essential oils, craniosacral therapy, and light healing touch.

Understanding the Body’s Energy Systems

Meridians are one of the energetic systems in the body. For over 5,000 years the Chinese have been identifying and using the body’s meridian system to affect positive change in health. Today we can measure with instrumentation what the ancients discovered and charted for us. Based on this same system of meridians, which are like the body’s wiring system, blockages at any point can create stagnation, inflammation, pain and stress to the organs and systems of the body. This creates the possibility of a whole host of degenerating conditions. For healthy cells and tissues, there needs to be a healthy flow in our energetic system.

With this in mind, there are a number of things in our environment that can disrupt the flow. Tight clothing, scars, traumas, piercings, electromagnetic frequencies from all of our technology, even emotions, and improper food can disrupt this flow. I work with various tools to positively affect meridians and even reset the nervous system.

In addition to Meridians, layers of Electromagnetic Fields surround your body just as the earth has an electromagnetic field that surrounds it. In addition, where there are major intersections of electromagnetic energy running through the body and the surrounding electromagnetic field; there are concentrations of energy that some cultures have called chakras, which means “spinning wheels.”

These have been more understood by several other cultures for thousands of years, and we are slowly catching up in our Western society. In fact, many cultures have outlined very similar systems without knowing of the others’ findings.

The main chakras number 7 down the spinal column both in the front and back of the body. These areas tend to hold information of our emotional lives and can stop flowing or become imbalanced for a multitude of reasons in our modern lives.

So why work to balance a system you may not even be aware of? Because it is just as much a part of you and your health as your physical body. More importantly, it is often neglected and in need of attention and care. How would you know if you need work in this area? Here are just a few presenting signs that you could benefit from this work:

  • Mood swings, Depression, Anxiety, Panic Attacks and Chronic stress
  • Unrelenting symptoms of any kind
  • Unexplained symptoms
  • Low energy
  • Traumatic or emotionally painful life circumstances
  • Insomnia
  • Feeling disconnected
  • Chronic cough, sinus problems, reoccurring acute illness or lowered immunity
  • TMJ, tension or inflammation that is chronic in any area
  • PTSD, Post Surgical Dysfunction
  • Abnormal growths

Some of the therapies or tools I use to create positive change in the energy system:

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