Holistic Guidance with Sarah Mokma, ND at Rooted Well

Holistic Guidance

So many people today live with an impending fear about death and disease. It is as if they view most symptoms as signs of aging, and almost expect to be told they have a major disease at some point. In the cases of “incurable” diseases, people live without hope of health returning. Most don’t have any connection about how their daily choices connect to their health. They feel powerless.

This is why I love the holistic guidance that Naturopathy offers. It takes a deeper look into the messages the body is giving and it seeks to understand everything on a more subtle level where prevention is a possibility and health is a reality. Most importantly, Naturopathy, gives the power of prevention and health back to each person. This holistic guidance makes all the difference whether you are suffering and hopeless or simply wanting to live your years well!

No matter what you think about your body, it is not failing you. It is the faithful friend who speaks to you with symptoms that attempt to get your attention so that you can make changes where necessary. Your brilliant body was also created like a map that repeats in several areas like your feet, hands, eyes, ears, and face. It is truly fascinating what we can learn about the body’s health by simply paying attention! These holistic assessments have stood the test of time and have been used for hundreds to thousands of years to identify imbalances in the body even before they would show up on a medical test. Taking 2 hours to look over what the body is presenting and also talk with you about what you are experiencing is key to finding the root cause of your dis-ease and helping you find the best ways to bring the body back to the wholeness it is meant to have.

Assessments include:

  • Iridology
  • Sclerology
  • Muscle Response Testing
  • Tongue, pulse, facial and nail analysis

Suggestions include but are not limited to:

  • Herbs
  • Essential oils
  • Probiotics, vitamins, and minerals
  • Nutrition and exercise
  • Homeopathics

There are many resources these days to educate oneself about healthy eating, exercise, and even essential oils, herbs, vitamin and mineral supplements. What you need to remember is that you are not working in the paradigm of one issue = one remedy. For instance, there are many ways to return an underactive Thyroid to balance, but it is the reason for the underactive Thyroid that is behind which remedy will work for you. And then there is getting the right combination of remedies for your body chemistry. Thus a personalized suggestion is much more effective than searching the internet for a natural remedy that may have worked for someone else but may not be the right remedy for you.

Holistic Counseling
Based on the Homeopathic approach of finding the common thread that runs through your life you may find that the “glasses” you have had on all these years no longer serve you. Yet you may not even know you’re wearing them! Science is proving that 75 to 98% of mental and physical illness is caused by our thought life! Your thoughts actually turn your gene expression on or off and dramatically affect your health for better or worse. Exploring the deeper and broader picture of who you are and why you are this way helps you take the glasses off and then you can decide if you want to put those same ones on again.


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